About Me

Well, I typed four versions of my long and exhaustive biography before I realized that it was boring, so I just deleted it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Long story short, I’m a separated mom of two boys, 15 and 7 months and a full time computer engineering student. My goals aside from finishing school are:

  • To become a professional blogger
  • To become a professional shopper

This blog is primarily focused on my personal adventure at getting in a better financial position. I have big dreams and a little budget. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Some things I’ll write about in this blog are:

  • Getting out of debt, fixing a bad credit report and rebuilding credit
  • Budgeting, money management, saving money, making money and building wealth
  • Time management, self-improvement and other life-hacking experiences
  • Reviews on products, services, companies, media and people
  • Networked blogging like posting things I find online that are relevant
  • more as I discover what I want to blog about…

The basic premises of this journal is my own journey from my current circumstances into the circumstances I desire to be in. It’s also to archive my way through it.

I also have some other things I participate in:

moochyschwag.blogspot.com – This blog will soon morph from a ranting zone to a focus on creative ideas. I hope for it to be an archive of ways to save money by reusing with a focus on craft ideas, holiday gifting and decorating. Unfortunately, the blog is not about saving the environment. Fortunately, reusing helps the environment. It will also focus on budget friendly creative ideas.

FACEBOOK: Moochy Schwag – This is my landing page on Facebook and I will not be doing any blogging there. But if you are a member of Facebook you can message me there without being on my friends list.

twitter.com/moochyschwag – This is my twitter page so I can follow tweeters I like. If you’re someone I should follow, put in a follow request. I will check out your page and follow you back if I like it.

You can contact me at moochyschwag[-at-]yahoo[-dot-]com. I mark mass mail as spam, and I unsubscribe from all unsolicited newsletters or rss subscriptions and I mark them as spam, so please use caution. Do not use my email for anything besides contacting me directly.


  • I am local to Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and many of the things I blog about could be focused on my city, state, region or country. Although my location is different, you still may be able to see the overall concept my posts are about and with slight adjustment, make it work for you or your area.

Okay *YAWN* let’s move on…

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