Wisdom I’ve Learned About Finance: Part 1

I feel inspired. So I thought I’d share some wisdom I’ve learned about saving, spending, shopping, investing and overall practice and attitude. I’m sure I will have more so I entitled this PART 1.

1. Get back on the bandwagon. Like anything else you want to accomplish, just because it isn’t giving immediate results, stay at it. And if you fall off, get back on. Getting ones finances on track is a discipline and learning process. It takes time, effort, money, patience, persistence, discipline and more to see results. There are ups and downs, and days you want to throw in the towel. There are days where doubt is so strong that it’s overwhelming. But like most things one is ambitious about, change will come. Keep telling yourself that there are others this works for. Look for the thousands of examples where it works. Don’t just focus on the mistakes or the investments involved. Don’t let doubt rule you. When I started doing coupons, I was embarresed. I didn’t see savings either. Actually, I was buying out of my budget most weeks at first. It took about 4 months of biting the bullet before it started to show it’s worth. Once I started getting my rebate checks and looked into my pantry and realized a weeks grocery shopping bill was less than $50 now, I started to really believe. Now when I make a mistake, I let it ride. Because I realized it’s a process. Every day I get better. And like exercise, those calories burned add up. Every penny saved is a penny earned.

2. Give. What?! Okay, being a giver and a cheepskate doesn’t seem like it goes hand in hand but it does. Look at it like this. If you save 75% on your normal annual shopping and bills, that extra money can go towards other things. One of those things should be giving. The “law of reciprocation” is in play here. You’ve heard the sayings “What you sew you shall reap” and “What goes around comes around” so pay it forward. I will go into ways you can give at a later date on another post but in the meantime, look for ways you can give 10% away. Do you celebrate holidays? If not, start. Give gifts, even if you cannot afford it, give something. Offer your time. Help people in need, do random acts of kindness, hook people up, spread the love. What you are doing is creating an environment of letting go. Dealing with finances we can get obsessed with holding onto things. It’s self-oriented to pinch pennies even if you justify it to yourself some other way. Strike the balance in the real world with evident practices of gifting, donating, volunteering and sharing. A good example of this is my father, who volunteered for some time at a local food bank. When he got layed off for awhile, the food bank gave him so much food he had to give some back! Be careful though not to give with the expectation of a return. Rather, trust that when you take care of yourself, the people around you, your community and environment; it will take care of you too.

3.  Make it a lifestyle. Diets backfire when you reach your goal and quit. Similarly, “financial security” is a false-sense of security. Comfort can be whisked away in a blink of an eye. That is for everyone, even the wealthiest of people. Make the decision that financial security is a lifestyle, not a goal to accomplish. Don’t just tolerate your new way of life, accept it. Absorb it. Become it. Don’t regret it. Don’t look back. If you were to exercise for 3 months and loose 30 lbs, and then stop, you will gain it back; plus more. If you quit your financial practices you may slip back into debt or find yourself in hardship again; plus more. Personally, every time I’ve “yo-yo saved”, I would get in a comfortable position then I become lazy. Before I knew it, I was back at the beginning. It was only after I “quit quitting” and decided “this is me now” that I started to accept MYSELF for these changes. I stopped being ashamed for using coupons. I stopped caring what other people thought when I recycled my beer bottles. And more, and I’m happier for it. And I realize that I was an idiot for trying to live up to what other people’s opinions. Because you can never make everyone else happy all the time. But you can make YOURSELF happy. Now, even if I was a millionaire I would use coupons. Even if I was filthy dog dirty rich, I would recycle.

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Thank You Thursdays – My First Contest

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment

This is my first contest! Yay! Okay, here goes.

The prize is 6 free music downloads from playme.com

This is a totally new and valid code from a specially marked package of razors that I purchased. So it’s never been used.

To enter, simply leave a comment with:

  1. A reason you are thankful.
  2. The title of your favorite song and the artist.

The winning comment will be chosen using random.org on March 4, 2010 at NOON.

The winner will be notified at the email used to post the comment and the code and instructions will be sent to the same email too.

Winners and one URL the winner is promoting, will be posted on my winners page.

Ready, set… GO!

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